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Appointment Protocol

Assessment and Treatment Plan

Prior to the appointment, you will receive a questionnaire to complete regarding your pet and their lifestyle. This must be completed and returned to before your appointment. You can download both required forms by clicking the links below.

   Click to download Form 1

   Click to download Form 2

After receiving medical clearance from your veterinarian, Teresa will evaluate your animal’s movement, spine and joint function, strength, co-ordination and other physical abilities and properties. This will enable her to determine the impact of an injury, degenerative or inflammatory condition or disability on your pet’s health and mobility.

The initial session usually lasts between 1 hour and 1:15, as it involves a period of questioning and history-taking, as well as allowing time for your pet to grow accustomed to the practice environment and therapist. Thereafter, sessions are 45 minutes.

Teresa will then determine how best to restore correct movement and reduce pain. The treatment plan will be based on scientific rationale, clinical reasoning and a thorough assessment of your pet’s condition, environmental factors and lifestyle. She will work with you and your vet to develop an individualised treatment program.


After the initial assessment, a short treatment will be conducted and could involve one or more of several treatment modalities (including stretching, massage, mobilizations, laser therapy, underwater treadmill, land exercises etc). In follow-up appointments where Teresa is already familiar with your pet, the main portion of the appointment will involve these treatment interventions.

Lastly, an individualised and staged exercise program will be a fundamental tool to return your dog to pain free movement.


After the initial session, you will receive report documenting everything that has been found, discussed and performed during the course of the session. It will also outline and explain various exercises and supply other useful advice for managing your pet at home. A copy will also be sent to your treating veterinarian, as well as the operating surgeon in post-surgical cases.

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